Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is the process of ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

It should be aimed primarily at preventing risks, but not at mitigating their consequences.

It is the taking of precautionary measures to ensure confidentiality.

Below are the steps to organize an effective and well-managed information security system:

– to identify owners and users of information;

– to classify information;

– to assess information security threats and vulnerabilities;

– to ensure high performance, reliability and resiliency of the information security system;

– to implement information security management tools;

– to ensure compatibility of the information security system with a heterogeneous IT infrastructure;

– to implement the principle of a reasonable balance between capabilities, resource intensity and cost of protection;

– to ensure the scalability of the information security system for a wide range of tasks, working conditions and quantitative characteristics of the network;

– to implement the requirements of current safety standards.

With the help of EUROTELECOM, you can build a highly efficient, well-managed and adaptive information security system.

Many years of experience and competence of EUROTELECOM allow us to offer customers the best models of information security systems.

Our company is a partner of Checkpoint, IBM, CISCO and HPE. We have successful experience in designing and implementing integrated multi-vendor solutions.

Being a part of Check Point Infinity, Check Point R80.10 management system brings a new level of control over information security systems.

Using a single management console, it provides a simple and effective tool for managing policies and event monitoring.

SIEM is an information security event management system that can proactively detect attacks, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a company’s infrastructure.

IBM QRadar SIEM views data from an IT infrastructure as a stream of events to correlate them and evaluate vulnerabilities.

QRadar SIEM can automatically identify data sources and has built-in templates. These features make it possible to implement the system within a very short time.The management console is simple in use and allows you to obtain important information on threats and vulnerabilities in a consolidated form.